Photos et videos de pocket bike en france et dans le monde, preparation tuning pocket bike. Une sélection de spécialistes de la pocket bike et de la mini moto et des informations ... et de pièces détachées, racing et tuning pour tous ces produits. ...

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jimynf (site web) Le 29/01/2013

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The Receiver and the electronic transmission can be installed on the centerline of the frame,the gravity deployment is betterThis buggy shell of Slash used was the Robby Gordon driving in Dakar race, high performance transmission system and rectitude sealing performance, abate the Slash without fear of mud, snow and any truth pavement, it rate to be Toy Cars called real all terrain remote hold back auto Because it is the Kit version,players are accessible to marriage taste for remote switch and electronic paraphernalia,and players can choose 3 or 4 connecting rod set in the assembly process The remote supervise model are considered to be "Pastime",in lieu of of "Toys",adequate to the remote govern model needs players have a traditional condition of consciousness and technology, there is a fundamentally contrastive from those toys that steal again can play directly The design of motor car shell is similar to popular one-twelfth galvanizing flat road vehicles(12 young) ,with 12 young automobile shell appearance clippingSchmacher remote control car has a generous number of fans in Europe, the attainment is obvious to all,it is a pity that it is not too popular in the Asian marketSuch as one-tenth,that is, the size of the creme de la creme is with respect to one-tenth of the real motor car

Nemesys Le 14/10/2007

GG pour ton site bonne continuation ^^!

chejahmonf Le 13/10/2007

en plus d'etre un futur pgm, monsieur sniper veut devenir champion du monde GP pocket bike lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gros bisou a toi et oublie pas ton casque a 200 sur l'autoroute !!!!!!!!! hi hi hi hi hi

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